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Committees - Money Laundering - Documents attached

Documents A Lawyer’s Guide to Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering  [2014-10-22]   
 CCBE letter - FATF draft Typologies Report on money laundering and terrorist financing vulnerabilities of legal professionals [2013-06-04]  
 The Review of the Standards - Preparation for the 4th Round of Mutual Evaluation (Second public consultation) - June 2011 [2011-06-30]  
 Letter to FATF regarding review of the Standards [2011-06-20]  
 Deloitte Study on the Application of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive [2011-02-01]  
 FATF Consultation paper - The review of the Standards - Preparation for the 4th Round of Mutual Evalutations - October 2010 [2010-10-29]  
 Commission report on the impact of the second EU money laundering Directive on the legal profession [2006-12-19]  
Judgement Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, judgments and orders of the Court of First Instance concerning the legal profession [2015-08-31]  
 Decision in the Michaud case  [2013-05-07]   
 Decision from the French Conseil d’Etat 10 April 2008 [2008-04-10]   
 Decision from Belgian Constitutional Court 23 January 2008 [2008-01-23]   
 Decision from the Court of Justice 26 June 2007 [2007-06-26]   
 Decision of the Belgian Cour d’Arbitrage of 13 July 2005 to refer a question to the European Court of Justice [2005-07-13]  
Position Papers Suggestion for amendments from the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) regarding the proposal for a Directive on the Prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering and terrorist financing (2013/0025(C [2013-07-15]   
 CCBE response to the proposal for a new anti-money laundering Directive [2013-05-18]   
 CCBE Response to the April 2012 Commission Report on the application of Directive 2005/60/EC [2012-06-22]   
 CCBE Response to the Commission: The review of the third anti-money laundering Directive [2011-10-21]   
 CCBE response to FATF consultation paper "The review of the standards - preparation for the 4th round of the mutual evaluation, 2nd public consultation” (June 2011) [2011-09-09]   
 CCBE response to FATF consultation paper "The review of the standards - preparation for the 4th round of the mutual evaluation" (October 2010) [2011-01-21]   
 CCBE comments on the Commission Staff Working Document - The application to the legal profession of Directive 91/308/EEC on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering [2007-02-13]   
 CCBE position on the requirements on a lawyer to report suspicions of money laundering and on the European Commission Proposal for a Third EU Directive on Money Laundering. [2004-11-04]   
 Response from the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Union (CCBE) to the Home Office Consultation on The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 & The Money Laundering Regulations 2003: Obligations of Accountants to Report Money Laundering [2004-09-30]  
 Overview of the implementation of the 2001 money laundering Directive [2004-03-31]  
 Joint statement by the international legal profession to the FATF on the fight against money-laundering [2003-04-03]   
 CCBE Response to the Financial Action Task Force(FATF) Consultation Paper. [2002-09-11]   
 Action points for EU Bars and Law Societies on the implementation of the Money Laundering Directive. [2002-01-31]   
Press releases European lawyers respond to the Commission on the review of the Money-Laundering Directive [2011-10-26]   
 European lawyers disappointed at lack of dialogue in FATF consultations on anti-money laundering [2011-09-20]   
 Important French court decision supports lawyers on money laundering reporting [2008-04-10]   
 CCBE is disappointed by the decision of the Court of Justice on lawyers’ reporting obligations [2007-06-26]   
 CCBE comments on Commission report on lawyers’ reporting obligations [2007-02-13]   
 CCBE welcomes Belgian court decision to refer second money laundering Directive to European Court of Justice [2005-07-13]   
 European Bar Presidents unanimously support delaying the Proposal for a Third Money Laundering Directive [2005-02-08]   
Speeches IBA Prague - Money Laundering - Bernard Vatier [2005-09-30]  

Committees - Money Laundering - Members

Senior Legal AdvisorPeter Mc NAMEE
Members of CommitteeMarie-Françoise DUBUFFET (Belgium)
Pierre SCULIER (Belgium)
Stephanie PAPANICOLAOU (Cyprus)
Eva INDRUCHOVA (Czech Republic)
Toomas VAHER (Estonia)
Jean-Christophe BARJON (France)
Dominique BASDEVANT (France)
BIDAUD (France)
William FEUGERE (France)
Jean Jacques FORRER (France)
François-Xavier MATTEOLI (France)
Jean-Luc MEDINA (France)
Marie-Thérèse STAHL (France)
Andreas von MARIASSY (Germany)
Andras SZECSKAY (Hungary)
Mary KEANE (Ireland)
Elisabeth OMES (Luxembourg)
Tore MYDSKE (Norway)
Rafael GIL MARCH (Spain)
Didier de MONTMOLLIN (Switzerland)
Hendrik Jan BIEMOND (The Netherlands)
Niels HUPKES (The Netherlands)
Suzie OGILVIE (United Kingdom)

Committees - Money Laundering - Text attached

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