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CCBE committees & working groups

Committees - International Legal Services - Documents attached

Documents Conditions for the admission of lawyers from non-EU Member States to the title of the local legal profession in each EU Member State and conditions under which lawyers from non-EU Member States can perform temporary services in each Member State unde [2005-01-25] 
 CCBE update on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) [2003-01-31]  
 IBA GATS Handbook for International Bar Association Member Bars. [2002-05-31] 
Position Papers CCBE request to the United States in the context of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations [2014-11-12] 
 CCBE submission to the Public Hearing - Ethical limits of cooperation and association between foreign legal consultants firms and Brazilian law firms [2012-04-30]  
 Information exchange form between US and CCBE Lawyer Disciplinary Bodies  [2011-04-29] 
 Letter from Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, President of the CCBE, to the President of the Conference of Chief Justices [2009-05-06] 
 CCBE Resolution in Support of Cooperation among American and European Disciplinary Bodies [2009-05-06]  
 Conference of Chief Justices – Resolution 2 in support of cooperation among US and European Disciplinary Bodies  [2009-01-30] 
 CCBE response to the WTO concerning the applicability of the accountancy disciplines to the legal profession [2003-05-30]  
 CCBE Response to the Consultation Paper from the European Commission concerning WTO Members’ Requests to the EC and its Member States for improved Market Access for Services [2003-01-09]  
 Inbound position of the CCBE vis-à-vis requests for liberalisation from third countries (outside the European Union). [2001-03-01]  
 Position of the CCBE in relation to GATS 2000 on the obligation for most favoured nation treatment. [2000-05-31]  

Committees - International Legal Services - Members

Chair of CommitteeLouis-Bernard BUCHMAN (France)
Senior Legal AdvisorPeter Mc NAMEE
Members of CommitteeMarcella PRUNBAUER-GLASER (Austria)
Jean-François BELLIS (Belgium)
Carl BEVERNAGE (Belgium)
Phillippe GEORGIADES (France)
Maria C. GALANOPOULOU (Greece)
Péter Köves (Hungary)
Jonas SALADZIUS (Lithuania)
Eugenija SUTKIENĖ (Lithuania)
Džiolana TARVAINYTĖ (Lithuania)
Joanna PILEWSKA (Poland)
Dominika STĘPIŃSKA-DUCH (Poland)
Pedro PORTELLANO (Spain)
Olivier FREYMOND (Switzerland)
Vasiliki AVGOUSTIDI (United Kingdom)
Stephen DENYER (United Kingdom)
Substitute Committee MembersDavid LEVY (France)
Alexis MASSOT (France)

Committees - International Legal Services - Text attached

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