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CCBE committees & working groups

Committees - International Legal Services - Documents attached

Documents Conditions for the admission of lawyers from non-EU Member States to the title of the local legal profession in each EU Member State and conditions under which lawyers from non-EU Member States can perform temporary services in each Member State unde [2005-01-25]  
 CCBE update on the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) [2003-01-31]   
 IBA GATS Handbook for International Bar Association Member Bars. [2002-05-31]  
Position Papers CCBE request to the United States in the context of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership (TTIP) negotiations [2014-11-12]  
 CCBE submission to the Public Hearing - Ethical limits of cooperation and association between foreign legal consultants firms and Brazilian law firms [2012-04-30]   
 Information exchange form between US and CCBE Lawyer Disciplinary Bodies  [2011-04-29]  
 Letter from Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, President of the CCBE, to the President of the Conference of Chief Justices [2009-05-06]  
 CCBE Resolution in Support of Cooperation among American and European Disciplinary Bodies [2009-05-06]   
 Conference of Chief Justices – Resolution 2 in support of cooperation among US and European Disciplinary Bodies  [2009-01-30]  
 CCBE response to the WTO concerning the applicability of the accountancy disciplines to the legal profession [2003-05-30]   
 CCBE Response to the Consultation Paper from the European Commission concerning WTO Members’ Requests to the EC and its Member States for improved Market Access for Services [2003-01-09]   
 Inbound position of the CCBE vis--vis requests for liberalisation from third countries (outside the European Union). [2001-03-01]   
 Position of the CCBE in relation to GATS 2000 on the obligation for most favoured nation treatment. [2000-05-31]   

Committees - International Legal Services - Members

Chair of CommitteeLouis-Bernard BUCHMAN (France)
Senior Legal AdvisorPeter Mc NAMEE
Members of CommitteeMarcella PRUNBAUER-GLASER (Austria)
Carl BEVERNAGE (Belgium)
Nis Marinus DOMMERGAARD (Denmark)
Dominique BORDE (France)
Jacques BOUYSSOU (France)
Hans Juergen HELLWIG (Germany)
Kondylis CHARALAMBOS (Greece)
Alkistis CHRISTOFILOU (Greece)
Péter Köves (Hungary)
Carlo FORTE (Italy)
Jonas SALADZIUS (Lithuania)
Eugenija SUTKIENĖ (Lithuania)
Džiolana TARVAINYTĖ (Lithuania)
Joanna PILEWSKA (Poland)
Dominika STĘPIŃSKA-DUCH (Poland)
Pedro PORTELLANO (Spain)
Olivier FREYMOND (Switzerland)
Marieke ROELOFSEN (The Netherlands)
Anna DROZD (United Kingdom)
Mickael LAURANS (United Kingdom)
Carolyn THURSTON SMITH (United Kingdom)
Substitute Committee MembersDavid LEVY (France)
Antonio BAFFA (Italy)
Gaia PANDOLFI (Italy)

Committees - International Legal Services - Text attached

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